The Best Way to do Server Documentation

As a server administrator, it is very important to have a knowledge base section as our reference point. Forget can never be forgiven. You can use any online documentation tools like Google Docs, Zoho, Evernote and  Office 365. For me I will use Microsoft Office OneNote 2010, which is come in my office laptop as part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

The key features that I am looking is transparent synchronization with my online docs. Since I have my Windows Live login, which previously registered for MSN Messenger, I can integrate my local OneNote in my laptop into OneNote in Windows SkyDrive. How cool is that?

The best thing about OneNote is you can write, copy/paste, erase, draw just like a note book. It also has protected section where you can put and store your sensitive and confidential information securely.

Following YouTube video is simple tutorial on how to use OneNote:


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Office application: Microsoft Office OneNote 2010
Windows Live ID: [email protected]
Web browser: Internet Explorer 9 64bit

1. First of all, register your Windows Live ID (if you dont have) at so we can sync our notes to SkyDrive.

2. Login into SkyDrive at using Internet Explorer. Click the OneNote icon as screenshot below and create new Notebooks:


3. You should see something like screenshot below. I will then create my own section called “Linux” and another new page called “My 1st Documentation“:

4. Now open our Microsoft OneNote in the laptop. Go to Open > Open from the Web > Sign In. Enter you Windows Live ID credentials and click OK.

5. OneNote will then try to retrieve the online Notebooks associated with the user. Once done, click to the Notebooks list “ServerDocumentation” and then it will try to load the content of this notebook on the local OneNote. Below screenshot is what it looks alike when loaded into our local OneNote:

Done! You now have your tools to save all your notes, knowledge base, clips, and much more which accessible all around the world. You can choose to use local OneNote in your laptop or use OneNote WebApp which available at SkyDrive by accessing it using your web browser (not specifically IE). This application do not have “Save” button because it is automatically saved on any changes happen on both sides. Just like your notes!