Linux: Setup and Enable WebDAV in Apache

WebDAV is Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. In my environment, we have many web developer and programmers working on the same site, with access to some particular folder in the web development server. There are a lot of way that we can used to manage remote file and doing web publishing in the same time like FTP, SFTP, FrontPage, Samba and many other sharing protocol.

The best thing about WebDAV is it allow for file locking if someone is editing the file. It is suitable with my environment and I need to deliver this via our web server (Apache). Variables as below:

OS: CentOS 5.6 64bit
Web server: Apache 2.2.3
Web root: /home/webtest/public_html
WebDAV user1: mike
WebDAV password: mikecute
WebDAV user2: doni
WebDAV password: donifast

1. Lets start by installing Apache via yum:

$ yum install httpd* -y

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