1. Thank you very much my friend. Perfect.

  2. The CDs I create are not bootable. Does this app still work on 5.1?

    1. Author

      I never tried that with 5.1, but as what I understand from the developer page, it should support all ESXi 5.x (which includes the v5.1 as well)

      1. Maybe its my CD burning software. Using InfraRecorder.

    1. Author

      Brian, I am sorry as I never using this method on ESXi 5.1

  3. Worked great on a Dell Optiplex 790! You rock!

  4. Also works with 5.1 on Dell 9010 :-)

  5. Works great I turned my desktop with 1G card ans installed esxi..;)

  6. great, thanks your shared,

    [email protected]No Gravatar
  7. I had the same problem for hours until found this post
    it worked for me pretty well
    My Server: HP DC8200 with Intel® 82579LM
    thx a lot for the job

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