Fixing Auto Start and Auto Shutdown Issue in VMware ESXi 5.0

I am a free VMware ESXi 5.0.0 user. The biggest problem with this release is the failure of auto-start and auto-shutdown for VM after/before the hardware node reboot. Whenever you start or restart the ESXi node, you will need to manually turn on every single virtual machine inside it. This has caused a lot of inconvenience especially when your ESXi was in production server line.

VMware has described this bug in details as refer to this link:

1. As for me, I will need to download the patch for ESXi 5.0.0. Go to this page: and login into your VMware account. Search with following criteria in that page:


I will be downloading this into my Windows 7 PC and will be using SSH method to apply the patch.


2. Enable SSH. Go to vSphere Client > ESXi host > Configuration > Security Profile > Services > Properties and make sure SSH is running as screenshot below:


3. Go to vSphere Client > ESXi host > Configuration > right click storage > Browse Datastore. Create a new folder called ‘update’ inside the datastore and upload the patch as screenshot below:


4. Login into the ESXi server using SSH. Run following command to verify the image profiles:

$ esxcli software sources profile list --depot=[datastore1]/update/
Name                              Vendor        Acceptance Level
--------------------------------  ------------  ----------------
ESXi-5.0.0-20120701001s-standard  VMware, Inc.  PartnerSupported
ESXi-5.0.0-20120704001-no-tools   VMware, Inc.  PartnerSupported
ESXi-5.0.0-20120701001s-no-tools  VMware, Inc.  PartnerSupported
ESXi-5.0.0-20120704001-standard   VMware, Inc.  PartnerSupported


5. Put the host into maintenance mode. Go to vSphere client > right click to the ESXi node > Enter Maintenance Mode > Yes.


6. Start the update process by running following command. We will use profile ESXi-5.0.0-20120701001s-standard for this update:

$ esxcli software profile update --depot=[datastore1]/update/ --profile=ESXi-5.0.0-20120701001s-standard


7. Reboot the ESXi node using command line or using vSphere client. Once up, exit the maintenance mode and you can verify whether it is fixed by enabling Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown options under vSphere client > ESXi node > Configuration > Software >  Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown > Properties and enable the VM auto start as screen shot below:



Done. Try to reboot the ESXi host and you should see something like below on your vSphere client:


One thought on “Fixing Auto Start and Auto Shutdown Issue in VMware ESXi 5.0

  1. The Profile given in the example with “s-standard” rather than just “standard” at the end is the security only version which does not contain the autostart bug fix.

    You need to use the “standard” profile instead to fix the bug.


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