cPanel: Exclude Directory during Backup

Backup is the first thing-to-do and should not be forgotten by a good system administrator. Since cPanel has their built-in backup creator as well as backup management system, we can take advantage of this tool and use them to suit our needs. In my situation, we have many cPanel accounts and some of them is higher than 10GB of disk usage, mostly due to website uploaded contents.

Creating backup will be a hard thing if you have too many inodes or too much disk consumption. It is a good thing if we can exclude some of the directory for example user_uploaded when creating cPanel backup, and the rest can be backup manually by downloading them to a local server.

In this tutorial I will create a full backup what some directories being excluded. Variables as below:

OS: RHEL 4 32bit
cPanel account: premen
Home directory for user: /home/premen

1. Identify the directory that we want to exclude. In this case, I will exclude the high disk storage directory. Using following command might help:

$ cd /home/premen
$ du -h | grep G

The command should list all directories which more than 1GB of size. Example as below:

6.4G    ./public_html/portal/tmp
8.7G    ./public_html/portal/user_uploaded
15.1G   ./public_html

2. Then we need to generate a file called cpbackup-exclude.conf under respective home directory of the user as refer to cPanel documentation at here:

$ cd /home/premen
$ touch cpbackup-exclude.conf
$ vi  cpbackup-exclude.conf

Paste following line:


3. Now we will create the backup either via pkgacct script:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct premen /home userbackup

or you can click “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup” under cPanel as screenshot below:

Once the backup ready, you will notice that both directories have been excluded from the cPanel full backup and your backup size should be smaller and faster to be compressed. Cheers!

One thought on “cPanel: Exclude Directory during Backup

  1. Can you add a * in the middle of the path?

    For example: daily/*/homedir/mail/*


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