Unable to Copy/Paste in Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is most important stuff you need to have in order to manage Windows server using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Sometimes, when you been forcely disconnected from the RDC session, you cannot use copy and paste features between your host and remote host on the next session. For those who are facing this problem frequently, we need to reset the rdpclip.exe and rerun again. No need to restart the server remote server (like what I have done when I first encounter this problem).

To do this, login to the remote server via RDC and open Task Manager. Find rdpclip.exe > right click on it and ‘End Process Tree‘.

After that you need to restart again the process by opening Task Manager > New Task > type ‘rdpclip‘ > OK.

Voila! Your copy/paste function or as known as clipboard is working back!

7 thoughts on “Unable to Copy/Paste in Remote Desktop

  1. Please run these commands in sequence

    1. type cmd in run window
    2. Taskkill.exe /im rdpclip.exe
    3. Rdpclip.exe

    This will solve your copy/paste clipboard problem, you can also use http://www.letscopypaste.com
    an online copy paste tool, easy to use and fast.


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