Spam, Spammer, Spambots = Money

Spams, spammers and spambots are exist for only one purpose, money.

1. Spam is email that is sent to other people without being requested. Why they want to disturb our life? Because this is one way of advertising.

2. Spammer will mostly send you something that you don’t know and don’t want to know, and turn to make you know, which equal to advertising. Advertising agency usually get paid for publishing advertisement, newsletter, social announcement and many more, so do spammer. Spammer get money for doing advertising on bad things like replica stuffs, pills, porn, multi-level marketing etc. In short word, spammer is ‘bad advertising agency’.

3. Spammers are not stupid. They have capabilities to be hackers, software developers, system engineers, researchers who tend to get more money which will bring themselves happiness, with less effort. They know how to do things right, do automation for their spamming task, bypass all security features and build many ‘add-on features’ in order to bring the ‘advertisement’ directly to you.

4. How spammer gets email address? This bring us to spambots. Spambot is a software/application developed to help spammer do their work. These bots are just doing any related spamming stuff. Create a spambot is simple and will cost no sweat for spammer. It starts with collecting email address all around the Internet world. Following picture will help you get clearer picture on how spambot works logically:

5. Now you see, spammer can get many things with your email address. They get paid by selling the email address list, send spam email from ‘advertiser’ who wants their service and exchange with other spammer. In spammer world, who get the most valid email list, and do better spamming, with high possibilities to reach recipient, then they get famous, which bring more money to their pocket.

6. Recent trend turn spambots to focus more on portal, forum, newsgroup, blog and other web technology by delivering irrelevant comments, posts, threads and even subscribe to the mailing list. The contents will surely have some ‘valid’ content plus some links to their website. This will increase the ranking of web pages in search engines page rank and hits. More hits, more visitors, higher rank will bring more money.

7. But, spammer existence has bring job opportunity to good people. Then comes security analyst, software developer, anti-spam appliance, anti-spam software, anti-virus with anti-spam protection, anti-spam organization like Spamhaus or Spamcop, online anti-spam protection like Google Postini and so many ‘anti’ stuff exist in order to fight the spammer.

8. Do you think that spammer and anti-spam guy can be related? Like virus and anti-virus guy? Do they have some agreement to bring spam in the world, and good guy will protect it so they can make money in another way? Not make sense but possible.

9. Spam, spammer and spambots are bad things and should not be supported. We should fight against them. You can contribute to this by reporting your spam mails to anti-spam organization like

10. Conclusion: Its all about the money..

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