1. Updated Ngnix, above version 2.6 is outdated and following code will always give you latest version to install.

    SSH WHM/cPanel Server and enter following command, before that

    cd /usr/local/src
    wget http://nginxcp.com/latest/nginxadmin.tar
    tar xf nginxadmin.tar
    cd publicnginx
    ./nginxinstaller install

  2. Suggestion: There is a new value-added service: Domain dialing through cPanel plugin, Domain dialing allows smartphone users to make a phone call through a domain name instead of using a phone number. It allows you to use any top-level-domain as a phone number.

    Article at The Whir about cPanel Domain dialing plugin:


    Info about the domain dialing cPanel plugin:


    1. I have been trying to get anyone at siter to contact me no luck

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