FreeBSD 8 – 10 Applications Need to be Installed

FreeBSD is well-known for its stability and security features offered. Though my statement might not be agree by some of the hardcore LINUX system administrator, this operating system is widely used by big company as the core platform of their system. Yahoo, Apache, Cisco, Apple, Juniper, NetApp are some of them.

FreeBSD is using port for package management. Its similar to yum, apt-get and yast2 but it is BSD-style. To install port, it just take 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to the server via console/SSH
  2. Lets say if you want to install nano, navigate to the /usr/ports/editors/nano
  3. Run ‘make’, then ‘make install’ then ‘make clean’ (to remove make files after installation complete)

I will list out all my first-need-to-be-installed application with ports directory and reasons in FreeBSD 8:

Text Editor: nano
Location: /usr/ports/editors/nano
Reason: Easy to use text editor with many direct functions. You may need it to edit many files, especially if it is new server.

Terminal: screen
Location: /usr/ports/sysutils/screen
Reason: Manage multiple terminal windows in one session. You may need this to install many other applications in a same time.

AntiVirus: clam-av
Reason: Even FreeBSD is well-known in security, don’t care about it. Protection first. Especially when the server is connected to a public network.

Browser: lynx
Location: /usr/ports/www/lynx
Reason: When you are in terminal mode, sometimes you need to download files that using cookies from a website, lynx will act like a normal browser in text mode.

Utilities: gnu-watch
Reason: This one is some with Linux command called ‘watch’, which runs a command repeatedly, displaying its output in a full screen window.

Shell: bash
Location: /usr/ports/shells/bash
Reason: BASH is widely used in Linux. Since I am very familiar with it, I will install. CSH (default BSD shell) also not bad.

Networking: mtr
Location: /usr/ports/net/mtr
Reason: Nice output display and help you a lot in network troubleshooting, route and connectivity.

Utilities: iftop
Location: /usr/ports/net-mgmt/iftop
Reason: You got to see what is happening to your server, especially bandwidth, which is related to money. This will help you monitor real-time network traffic for your interface.

Administration: webmin
Location: /usr/ports/sysutils/webmin
Reason: Webmin can help you administrating your server from website. Really helps in certain condition. Worthwhile to have this installed.

Management: portmanager
Location: /usr/ports/sysutils/ports-management
Reason: Keep your ports updated! Don’t just install without patch. Lets portmanager do that for you.

To search other ports available in FreeBSD, just go to directory /usr/ports and type:

cd /usr/ports
make search name=[application name]

2 thoughts on “FreeBSD 8 – 10 Applications Need to be Installed

  1. 11. Install ports-mgmt/psearch, an utility for searching the FreeBSD Ports Collection. It is tiny and provide good results.


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